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All apartments of the Panorama project, which consists of two blocks, are designed to have a sea view.
With its iconic design, Panorama has made Long Beach a candidate to become the symbol of the region.
Panorama brings a new definition to the luxury and high quality holiday homes in the region with a real residence concept.
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Long Beach Panorama

Long Beach Panorama | Life

The location of the project, at the border of the 2-floor zoning area, is 180 meters, 2 minutes walking distance from the sea. Due to the communal facilities located on the ground floor, the flats starting from the first floor are all directed towards and designed to have the maximum sea and surrounding views. The market, fish restaurant, park and Long beach walk and cycle road along the sea, which are all within 100 meters of the project, puts Panorama Long Beach at the heart of a high quality life high standard living experience.

Its iconic design and dynamic building form, which can be perceived from all angles, especially from the main artery, has made Panaroma Longbeach a candidate to be the symbol in the very center of the region. Panorama Longbeach, which challenges the traditional prismatic forms of the high-rise building texture in the region, and proves that another architecture and another design is possible; raisis the standards by creating a design manifesto, that will be hard to match in the near future.

Signature Project from Döveç Group to Pier

The Project consists of two blocks and 13 floors. On the ground floor there is a communal outdoor pool, a restaurant/bar with a roof terrace, lobby, gym, fitness, sauna, massage and games room. On the roof, over the 13th floor, a 360 degrees panoramic restaurant/bar and a infinity pool with a panoramic view, justify the name Panorama Long Beach, and taking the project well above its likes, creating a real residential concept and re defining luxury and high standards in the area.

While all apartments in Block A are located directly towards the sea and benefit from the views, the apartments with a terrace rising on the south-end look towards the magnificent views of the bay up to Famagusta Maraş. Large terraces, jacuzzi and hot tub options are put in service in a limited number of penthouse floors. For early risers, the sunrise over the sea offers unique postcard images the area is famous for. It is possible to access all the services offered on the roof terrace, directly from the elevators and stairs of both blocks. 

While all apartments in Block B are directed towards Famagusta Bay with an uninterrupted views, the wide-open balconies of the apartments with terraces towards the sea are directed to the sun rising over the sea and to the view of the most beautiful bay of the island with its unique beauty up to the Karpas cape. Each apartment here is a penthouse and greenery, jacuzzi and hot tub options are offered to the users on large terraces. All apartments in this block, which has double stairs and two elevators, can also directly access the pool and restaurant/bar located on the roof terrace.

Uninterrupted Sea View In Long Beach

While the steel bridge/terraces mounted between Blocks A and B are put into service for 4+1 duplex apartments on the third, sixth and ninth floors, both the sunrise and sunset views from both east and west and the cool winds blowing from the west makes these special apartments even more enhanced. With retractable pergola on the roof terrace and the gradually arranged terrace area and both the summer and winter use of the pool, a swimming pleasure merging with the sea on the 13th floor, thanks to the infinity overflow of the pool in the east and south directions, is offered to all the users. In summer evenings, the open-air cinema and the sky telescope for watching the stars are unique experiences, inviting you to watch the whole action from the most beautiful location in the heart of the Longbeach and to be present in the middle of it.

Panorama Longbeach also contains design interiors and high-class building materials in line with its location and the modern luxury residence quality it aimes. Large-sized porcelain ceramics, built-in shower systems, walk-in showers, granite countertops and luxury wooden door alternatives are some of many. Optional electric underfloor heating and ducted cooling systems hidden in suspended ceilings support the modern design concept with linear grilles. 

The 220 m2 swimming pool on the ground floor and large terraces around the children's pool, a cafe/restaurant/bar and a roof bar accessed from here serve around the pool. The common playgrounds, gym, spa, fitness/yoga hall and pocket cinema located under Block B are opened directly to the terraces around the pool and are put into service for daily use. Mini golf, children's playground, table tennis and billiards area and garden chess located around the open terraces offer places where you can enjoy an active summer to the fullest. Entrance with 24 hour security, lobby, reception and concierge services, security cameras, separate emergency stair in each block, elevator and access arrangement suitable for disabled use in the whole building are among the features integrated into the project as standard.

Some Features of the Project

  • Laundry
  • Dry Cleaning Services
  • Smart Home Systems
  • Reception
  • 7/24 Security
  • Car Park
  • Sauna and Turkish Hamam
  • Indoor Pool