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If you want to life the in harmony with luxury, I recommend you to review the Querencia project.
The project, which consists of 686 residences, is located 400 meters from the sea.
Unique in the region, penthouse apartments with pools offer an ultra-luxurious experience in Residence life.
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Querencia Long Beach - In Harmony With Luxury

Querencia on Sale At Launch Prices

A magnificent project which will bring a fantastic atmosphere to Long Beach.

Located 400 meters from the sea, Querencia, right across a unique beach, relieves light on the future with its inspiring azure view, outstanding living spaces and social facilities.
A 365-day luxury and holiday-like life await you in Querencia. Consisting of a total of four blocks, one block of which will serve as a hotel. Starting from the 9th floor and rising up to 28 floors by being terraced in the middle blocks.

Two 5-star hotel projects located directly opposite, where also will be the biggest casino on the Island, uninterrupted seaside views, the privileged features of the project, and the rental and development prospect of the region transform Querencia into an investment that continuously gains value.
In Querencia, there is a total of 686 flats consisting of studios, 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 residences and 4+1 or 5+1 luxury penthouses. The project promises its owners an exceptional life experience with its common areas and various retail areas.

Querencia, which challenges the traditional prismatic forms of the high-rise building texture in the region, shows that another architecture and another technique are possible. It sets an example that it will be challenging to catch up with the developments to be made in the region from now on as if it is creating a design manifesto by suddenly raising the bar in the competition between the developments in the region.

Uninterrupted Sea View

All the flats in the blocks are oriented to a 180-degree sea view. From the living rooms and kitchens to the common areas, the bedrooms and the balconies have an extraordinary sea view. The apartments looking to the south have a magnificent view of the coast from Famagusta to Varosha, and the apartments to the north look into a breathtaking view of the depths of Karpaz Bay.

While Querencia's unique penthouse apartments with pools offer an ultra-luxurious experience in Residence life, their large terraces with uninterrupted panoramic sea views make you feel the freedom of detached life to the fullest.

Contemporary, Holistic and Original Design

Querencia offers design interiors and top-class building materials suitable for its location and the modern luxury residence it aims at.

Large-sized porcelain ceramics, built-in shower systems, walk-in showers, stainless steel linear floor drains, granite countertops, underfloor heating in wet areas and luxury wooden door alternatives are just some of the items that offer interior quality. Channeled cooling systems hidden in suspended ceilings support the modern design concept with linear grilles.

Querencia will be using energy efficiently with the awareness of the sustainable environment, and putting ecological value in the center is designed as a nature-friendly project.
The areas that will facilitate the life of individuals with special needs were also considered at all stages of the design, making the project a disabled-friendly one.

While the abundance of green areas stands out in the landscape of the project, Querencia is planned with the vision of a clean breath for the future. It was aimed to include the endemic plants of Cyprus in complete harmony with nature and to feel the luxury and magnificence of Querencia as an inseparable whole from the environment.

Querencia reflects all the features of the Mixed Project Concept with the block to be operated as a Hotel, the residences, the shopping street within the project and the eating and drinking areas.