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A new street is born in the center of Famagusta with Sky Sakarya.
It is a well-equipped project equipped with a 2200 m² shopping center, cafe and restaurants.
163 parking lots are designed to meet the parking needs of apartments and shops in excess on its own land.
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Sky Sakarya

A New Concept in the Heart of the City Sky Sakarya

We are bringing a whole new concept of life to the heart of Famagusta. In the neifgboring parcel of Golden Residence and Terrace Park, our awawrd-winning projects implemented by Döveç Construction, the last building of the trilogy, Sky Sakarya comes to life where it is in 100 meters west of MGA and Famagusta Arena, in the location where Famagusta Salamis Roadi is centralized and where the sports areas, stores, and cafes are as the most available. Right in the middle of the most well-known stores, brands, and facilities of Famagusta, a vibrant and splendid living space comes to lifewith is stores, offices, and estates right around the corner.

2200 m2 of a shopping centre and offices

A top-quality city life awaits you with its bicycle stations, electric cehicle charging stations, parking lot, and professional residence magament.

A project surrounded with 2200 m2 of a shopping centre, cafes, and restaurants. With the benefits of Döveç Life, you will get the opportunity to benefit from unique social activities on many different points.

Every Way Of Life In The City

The building is built to become an active living centre, which will fill its position as installed on 5000 square meters of land with 10 large shops, offices, studio as well as 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 flats and penthouses, consists of thw blocks and terraced floors. While on facade pf pur corner land faces th Famagusta EMU road (Gazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard) in the west, the other front is located in the nort, on the same street wtih Golden Residence and Terrace Park, in the neighboring parcel in the west of Golden Residence. The project between the two main arteries of Famagusta is located within the walking distance of both streets and right in the middle of the transportation routes.

A New Street On The Edge

Along with the various shops and cafes to be located under the building; the indoor pool, gym and spa facilities in the trilogy of Döveç Construction are only some of many other amenities that the ones to buy a flat from Sky may have the access to use. A total of 163 parking lots, including 48 spots located in front of the stores and 115 reserved for the flats in the rear, is designed to meet the amount of parking required by apartments and stores as more than enough.

A New Perspective Towards

Sky Sakarya brings a new perspective to business life with its offices and meeting rooms. Reception and Lobby service will provide you with a prestigious way of welcoming your guests and customers and also with  a unique office service.

Bennefits That Will Make You Fell Unique As Ever

  • Green Building Concept
  • Vehicle Charging Station
  • Kids Playground
  • Video Intercom
  • Home Office Concept
  • Consultancy and Reception Service
  • Heated Indoor Pool
  • Spa & Massage Centre
  • Fitness Centre
  • Security and Controlled Pass
  • Central Generator (Flats and Public Areas)
  • Floor Maintenance And Repair Service
  • Path for Handicapped People
  • Handicapped Parking Spot
  • Earthquake Resistant Cutting
  • Edge Technology
  • Eco-Friendly Lighting System
  • Arredo Functional Smart Furniture
  • Highgloss Sliding Cabinet
  • Business and Shopping Centre (Commercial Areas)
  • On-site Parking Area
  • Bathroom & Wc With Floor Heating
  • Walking Shower
  • Built-in Shower Set
  • Rain Shower
  • Bicycle Station
  • Solar Energy Panel
  • Elevator
  • Smoke Detector
  • Cafe/Restaurant 
  • Beauty Center